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5 Top Tips Nobody Ever Tells You About Delivering The Perfect Presentation

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226 5 Top Tips Nobody Ever Tells You About Delivering The Perfect Presentation
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1) Do not let the slides overpower you!

Remember at all times that the slides are not the main thing about the presentation… you are there as well! Work as a team with your presentation and use them as an aid rather than soley relying on them. Nobody wants to listen to somebody read out slides. Be animated and elaborate on each point.

 2) Be personable with your audience.

When listening to a presentation, it is likely that your audience have been interrupted from their work/something they were heavily involved with. In order to engage with them is to be genuine and disclose to them. Personal information allows the audience to feel like they know you and warm to you. If you have a personal insight or story that links to your presentation or message, share it. They will appreciate you for that.

3) Don’t be static!

As a presenter, it is good for you to move around while speaking. Why? The more you move, the more you own the space. Do not pace or move unnecessarily but, if you need to get something, or go closer to the audience to hear a question, it shows your fluidity and that you are comfortable in front of an audience. If you do this from the beginning, it wont look as unnatural later on, if you decide to move.

4) Body language and eye contact.

It’s really important for the presenter to hold eye contact with people and when speaking with somebody individually. A good trick if you find yourself up against a challenging questioner, is to hold their gaze to let them answer. But by moving your gaze away makes it more difficult for them to continue speaking, without the eye contact. Stand openly, without crossed arms to show your audience that you are being open to them.

5) Tell a story.

Nobody wants to hear continuous stories about how wonderful you are. Plan your talk as if it’s a story with a beginning, middle and end. Introduce subjects, have a few points that build upon each other and have them come to a big “epiphany” moment that strongly links to your main objective of the presentation




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